My secret project

Hi there! since you are on this webpage you probably know what project I’m working on.
I will try to post updates regularly on the progress with pictures, video’s and descriptions.

As some of you know due to us moving and me being in the hospital I’m running a ‘little bit’ behind on schedule…. but we’re keeping strong and keep on building!

The book will consist of 9 pages with a specific theme/ life event!

All pages will have visual and audio effects specific to that theme/event!

The pages will be:

Letter to the heart.

This will be an introduction to the book and the story it will tell. When opening the page a floral design will pop up and music will start to play. In the middle will be a “letter to the heart”


On this page a bell tower will pop-up with a ‘running’ clock. A park topview is visible. This page has narration and following this significant dates with matching pictures will be shown trough the page face. 🙂

How we met

Inspired by the ‘boy and girl kissing‘ I gave to Souzana I wanted to create a moving version of them! Only not both dressed in delfts blauw but in dutch/greek style!

For the pull tab I decided to use the Thalys we so often used traveling back-and-forth from France to the Netherlands when we were dating.


The city where our story began. The Eiffel tower will pop-up and a shadow of it will be cast onto the wall. On set times a ‘light show’ will be displayed on the Eiffel tower. This page has music and narration 🙂


Since we met I manage to enchant Souzana with the Christmas spirit! On this page a big Christmas tree will pop-up in the center decorated with ornaments and lights. On both sides of the page small inlay booklets will be places, one with ‘our Christmas door’ (Souzana usually decorates the Christmas wreath) and one with our dinner table with lit candles and all.

Starry starry night

This page is a hommage to our first (and many to follow) holiday to Greece. It represents the Greek island nights with starry nights. When the page is opened, a mix of night sounds, the waves of the ocean and a band playing far in the background will start to play. On the ceiling starst will be projected representing the zodiac of Souzana, Lucas an me.



This page will be dedicated to the birth of Lucas. When the page is opened music with narration will start and a rainbow will be projected onto the wall.

Wellcome to the theatre

The last page already! This page wil have a ‘movie theatre ‘ theme. When the page is opened a video player will pop-up. On the left hand side of the page an inlay will be present holding a ‘movie ticket’. When inserting this ticket into a slot on the right the movie will start to play. and off course there will be the option to pause to wipe away tears of joy! The movie will be a compilation of all the videos you all send me!

Some action video’s! 🙂

Front door with wreath
Dinner table pop-up prototype

Electronics for candles for the dinner table
Running ‘clock’
Eifel tower lightshow